1.  Why choose Inspection Team?

Steve Lobpries has performed over 8,000 inspections and has experience in residential and commercial construction.  After being members for 10-years, Inspection Team  still maintains an A+ rating with the Greater Houston Better Business Bureau.

2.  What do you do differently from other inspectors?

Our clients generally tell us that we are more thorough. For example, we open and close every window that is accessible. We test every wall receptacle that is accessible for proper installation. We actually go inside the attic.  A foundation elevation survey is performed to determine how level the foundation is.  The interior walls and ceilings are scanned with a thermal imaging camera to check for hidden water leaks and for missing insulation.

3.  Is this a full time business?

Yes, Inspection Team only performs home and light commercial inspections.

4.  Can buyers be present during the inspection?

Yes, we encourage buyers to be able to see what the inspector finds.  This is the best time to have questions answered, especially about home maintenance issues.

5.  Are your inspection reports hand written?

No, our reports are computer generated in an easy to read format with digital pictures included.

6.  Should I have an engineer or a home inspector?

If you choose a home inspector, you are hiring an experienced professional who has experience in home building.  Engineers are not taught in college on how to perform home inspections.  The State of Texas does not require engineers to be licensed home inspectors.  Having a professional engineering degree does not mean the person has training or experience performing home inspection.  A home inspection typically does not require engineering skills.  Additionally, engineers usually charge more.

7.  Should I have a brand new home inspected.

Yes, usually we find just as many problems with new homes as we do in older homes.  This includes homes that were inspected by the City and the home builders inspector.

8. Do you inspect newly built homes?

Yes. Many items in need of repair that are noted on resale home inspections are things that were not done properly when the house was constructed. Also, it is usually easier to have necessary repairs done before you move in rather than later.

9. Do you inspect homes prior to the builder’s warranty expiring?

Yes. It’s better for your builder to do necessary repairs than for you to pay for them later. Unlike most other inspectors, our reports include cosmetic items that might have been overlooked before you moved in.

10. How much does a home inspection cost?

Fees are determined by the size, age and foundation type (slab or pier and beam).

11. Will I be able to attend the inspection?

Clients are encouraged to come along on the inspections. It’s the best time to learn and ask questions about the home and the report will be easy to understand when you read it.

12. How quickly can I get my report?

Reports are ready the next day and can be faxed or emailed. Our reports are detailed and not just check lists as some companies do. For example, if your air conditioning system is not working properly we will tell you why, provide you with the brand, size of the unit and what repairs we think may be necessary.

13. Who gets a copy of the inspection report?

Your report is confidential and is only given to the parties that you approve.

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